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Attended the 2024 Guangzhou International Aluminum Door and Window Curtain Wall New Product Exhibition


On March 12th, we attended Windoor, an exhibition showcasing doors, windows, curtain walls, and hardware accessories. At this exhibition, many new products were showcased, including new types of glass, high-end hardware accessories, architectural sealants, and profile cutting equipment.


Lacquer Finish cabinets lead the home furnishing trend and win wide popularity among consumers


As the quality of life improves, consumers' requirements for home environment are also increasing. As an important part of the kitchen, the material and style of cabinets have become the focus of consumers' attention. In recent years, lacquered cabinets have gradually emerged in the home furnishing market due to their unique charm and practicality, and have won wide popularity among consumers.


The difference between European kitchen and traditional American kitchen


The modern kitchen is a multi-functional area integrating cooking and meeting guests. The high-end kitchen design can fully reflect the owner's taste of life, and the choice of cabinets is a crucial link in the kitchen design. From the trend of 2020, the complex decoration and carving on the surface of the cabinet is no longer the focus of attention, and the exquisite production process, healthy and environmentally friendly materials and comfortable use are more and more favored.


What material we used for a whole cabinets?


When you want to order the kitchen cabinet for your house, you must need to know about to make the best purchase for your home. Pls see the sheet as below, you can more clear our cabinets. Different design used different material and finish. Sometimes it depends on your budget, design, your site situation...All is our consider. If you want to get the highly cost effective pls text us!